Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Brigade 2 physics and eye candy

Same physics bricks + shooting as in the previous post, but now with a light emitting sphere (mesh lights are particularly hard for a path tracer and a dreaded source of noise). All videos and screenshots were rendered on 2 GTX 580s with 20 spp/frame.  


And an interior scene


Glossy bricks:

The sense of realism in this scene when all the bricks are moving is totally out of this world.

For my next demo, I'm planning to make a very simple first person shooter game with this scene. You will have the choice between two powerful weapons: the UTL (Utah Teapot Launcher) and the SBL (Stanford Bunny Launcher). I may throw in an animated character as well (I'm thinking of the Amiga juggler).

UPDATE: someone asked me to create an interior scene with the falling tower of bricks which is only illuminated by a light emitting sphere. The results are pretty cool:

UPDATE 2: first person shooter gun is in and working (it can shoot projectiles with physical weight):

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