Monday, February 27, 2012

Brigade 2 physics bricks WIP 1

I'm currently working on a new Brigade powered physics demo which is inspired by, an awesome photorealistic physics animation rendered with OpenCL path tracing, which took only 25 seconds per HD frame to render on 2 ATI HD 4890 cards. 

Although 25 seconds/frame is already extremely fast for physically based (unbiased) animation rendering, my goal is to render the same physics animation in real-time with the Brigade 2 path tracer on 2 GTX 580s.

Short WIP videos:

There's still some things to do: scale and lighting must be adjusted, the floor should have a different texture with a bump map and some specularity and the orange ball must be made into a physical rigid object, hitting the brick wall. I will also try to implement Voronoi fracture.

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