Monday, February 20, 2012

Real-time photorealistic interior scene at 60 fps

My last youtube video got 9 likes, which is three times the usual number, so I must be doing something right I guess. Some people also asked me to make a video without motion blur (frame averaging), to see how much this would affect the image quality. For your entertainment, I made a lower res video at 60 fps (it actually ran at 70 fps, but the FRAPS video capturing steals some frames and is capped at 60 fps), in which I'm toggling the blur on and off (see the yellow BLUR stat on the left):

Video (480p, 16 spp, 60 fps):

As you can see, noise is more apparent in shadows, glass and glossy surfaces when there is no blurring. 

Real-time image quality at 38-39 frames per second:

Without blur (16 spp):

With blur (16 spp with frame averaging and stationary camera):

Converged (after 2 seconds):

The last version of Brigade 2 that the developers sent me is so fast it's not even funny anymore. Below is a screenshot of a new demo that I'm working on called "Random City" showing Brigade 2 can easily break 60 fps at 16 spp on 2 high end GPUs (221 million random samples per second!). Videos will follow soon after I've added some random stuff like cars and trees.

Random City WIP screenshot (rendered at 16 spp with frame averaging, 64 fps):

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