Monday, February 27, 2012

Under the Sea Card

My daughter works as an activity director at a local time share. I was trying to come up with crafts with a beachy theme that might appeal to all ages. I remembered seeing long ago the cards with a "gel" window.

Here is my example.

You use a small zip lock bag(sold in jewelry sections of craft store). I had a few laying around that jewelry or buttons had come in. I didn't have hair gel, but used liquid hand soap that had glitter in it, that we had bought at dollar tree. Just make sure the bag is tightly sealed. Bright colors work better for the fish to show through the gel window. Your fish go on  the tag. On the first one, I put some on the card by accident, but decided I liked having two different fish scapes. Now there is another scene when the tag is pulled out too.

Download file to make card

The first screen shown in scal will be the card itself. The second screen is the tags to go inside and the fish accents. There are enough accents and tags for two cards.  If only making one you can delete some of the items. I figured while I have the paper loaded on the mat I might as well cut out a few extra! You will have to align things to match the mat. Like I put the card or the far right of my virtual 12x12 mat and place my 8.5 x 11 paper in the upper right corner. Then move the whole design to the left, cut the accents, laying out the paper in the quadrants of the screen.

I found the picture of the boat on the internet, you could make your own image that is similar, or search for birthday boat wishes.

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